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key technology

Model GLS90501
Heating Load * Fan-shape gas transmission, short passageway and uniform gas pressure
* Copper fire cap, pure blue fire
* Stable fire holes in case of floating flame, strong and stable
Heating Efficiency * Double-ring gas inlet, the primary aeration is increased by 10%. The heating efficiency is improved to at least 55%
Safety * FFD design, automatic gas supply cut
* Positioning design, easy to put the fire cap right, no gas leakage risk
Clean * Alloy-plus stainless steel panel, anti-oil and free finger print
* High quality knob, high-temperature resistance, not hot during long time use
Authentication /
Product Size (mm)(W×D) 900X500
Built-in Size (mm)(W×D×H) 816X460
Gas type LPG/NG
Gas pressure (Pa)/Voltage 2800/2000/1000
Thermal load (kW) L-Upper: 2.5 L-Down: 0.8 M: 3.5 R-Upper&R-Down: 1.7
Zone Diameter(mm) /
Knob cylindrical bakelite knob
Grate cast iron
N.W(kg) 20
G.W(kg) 22
Carton Size L*W*H(mm) 950X545X210