Easy and elegant, we give style to smoke control!

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For Love We do

We approach every aspect of cooking with love. Our continous commitment to R&D ensures that your cooking enviroment provides the most healthy and comfortable experience. We never forget our original intention: everything we do is for you!


We continuously develop and innovate kitchen appliances technology for you


  • 700

    FOTILE's deep industry roots and over 700 exclusive patents make it the leading kitchen electronic brand

  • 30000000

    There are more than 30000000 families currently enjoying FOTILE quality living

  • 1500

    Experience FOTILE Products in person at any one of our 1500+ showrooms

  • 1500

    Our global network of 1500+ service centers is available to answer your every question, no matter what time of day

18 top international design awards

From 2007 to 2015, FOTILE received 9 iF Design awards and 9 Red Dot awards, making FOTILE the world leader in award-winning kitchen electronic design.

Member of HVI, the most authoritative and credible institution in North America

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